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[3-7 Day ETA] DTF GANG SHEET - up to 192"

[3-7 Day ETA] DTF GANG SHEET - up to 192"

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We offer custom gang sheets where you can send us your pre-designed graphic created at 22"x12" and 300 DPI resolution. By choosing larger sheet sizes, you can save money on bigger projects. Our full-color transfer allows you to fit multiple images onto a single sheet.

Please note: This option is specifically for customers who upload their own 22x12 gang sheet with a resolution of 300 DPI. If you prefer to have THE PRINTING B. design your custom gang sheet, please explore the "We Design Your GANG SHEET" option under DTF Gang Sheets. Alternatively, you can use the "Build Your Gang Sheet" option available in the add-to-cart section. Thank you!

Disclaimer: We are NOT responsible for prints with low-quality resolution or white backgrounds. NO Refunds 

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